Josh Hall Web Design Business Course Review

How did Josh Hall get on your radar?

I first heard of Josh through his Facebook group, Divi Web Designers, and had heard good things from some other folks who had taken his online courses. My own web design business was taking off, but I needed some direction to help develop my business processes to run things more efficiently.

Josh offers a course bundle though his website,, but initially I bought just the web design business course, because it fit my immediate need. After only a few lessons (and in consultation with my business partner) we decided to invest in all of his courses as we really felt this was a great way to gain knowledge and confidence in areas of web design where we didn’t have as much expertise.

They’re all excellent, but the business course has been especially useful.

What’s in the website design business course?

This course is filled with all of Josh’s hard-won lessons. In it, he reveals (with actual numbers) how he grew and scaled over his first ten years in business, starting out as a freelance web designer, growing a small team, and finally scaling into a thriving web design agency. There are lots of free downloads and additional resources in the course platform, including all of his checklists, templates, and SOPs which you can use as-is, or use as inspiration to develop your own website pricing, packages, and processes.

Josh has always been friendly and responded to all my questions—that extra value had been really important to us, because it’s helped us apply the processes and concepts he teaches in the course to our own business model.

Sure, you can find other business courses, but what we liked about Josh’s course is that it’s absolutely perfect for web designers. Josh really understands the niche and what it is like to be working in a growing a web design business. Rather than having to take general concepts (like sales & marketing advice) and apply it to website design, all the examples and lessons are specifically aimed at the web design niche, so we found it to be a lot more actionable than a general-purpose business course.

If you are a freelancer thinking of growing your business, or just getting started with web design, I highly recommend the Josh Hall Web Design Business Course. It’s absolutely worth the investment.

After myself and my business partner had worked our way through all the videos, we also had our virtual assistant take the course, so she could understand our business and the essential components of running a web design service business. It made good training. We got lifetime access to the Student Center with the course, but also decided to join his private online community (the Web Design Club) … which we also highly recommend!

Where to Get Josh Hall’s Web Design Business Course

You can find out more about this course by clicking on the button below to read the course details page, or view everything in the web design course bundle we purchased.

Josh Hall Web Design Business Course